Increase Your Property's Privacy

To add more privacy on your balcony without ruining the overall look of your home or landscape, consider balcony panels from Capital Canopies, Inc. Our balcony panels can create or add a natural outdoor charm while hiding your tenants’ personal belongings. 

Aside from enhancing privacy, a balcony panel also can function as a decorative element. Balcony panels will surely bring elegance and a stylish touch to any balcony areas. You can also complement your balcony panels with foliage and flowers in coordinating colors.

Personalize and Customize Your Balcony Panels

The master craftsmanship of our fabric shop is evident in every Capital Canopies product. Our talented seamstresses ensure that each balcony panel produced has the perfect fit!

We offer a full array of styles, colors, and fabrics to match any building’s exteriors. Whether you’re adding details to make a balcony feel more “old world” or you want a contemporary modern look, we can design the right panels for your balcony.

We also provide cleaning services for your balcony panels — call our experts for more information or for your FREE estimate today!
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