Bright and Colorful Banners

Banners provide an alternative to basic signage and help improve visibility. At Capital Canopies, Inc., we utilize several printing options, including, hand painting, digital printing, and appliqué. Like awnings, digital printing has opened more creative options, making banners long lasting, and more cost effective. Banners can be a simple way to quickly communicate a specific message, as a part of a well thought out branding program, or create a unique environment. 

Customized Banners for Any Businesses or Organizations

Since we fabricate our banners in-house, we are able to blend images, fabrics, and create structures to best display your ideas. Our custom banners have a stationary frame structure and are built to stay up all year round.

We offer a full array of styles, colors, and fabrics to match any building's exteriors. We can design the right banners for your business. Call us now to speak with our banner experts for a FREE estimate or consultation!
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