"I'm sorry I've been SO busy that I didn't even thank you for being a joy to work with. Since the beginning you were always super responsive, and sending over the samples so quickly was very much appreciated! The canopies look amazing and are EXACTLY what the ownership wanted. Kudos to you for having a company that truly does awesome work. Thank you again!"

-Matthew W.
Carr Properties

"Holly and Joseph,

As you know things are very hectic around here with the build going on, and my email time is down to a minimum, but I have to tell you what an unbelievable job Titus and the crew did today - like the best any contractor has ever done on-site in terms of caring for the facility and customer service.

Stadium Court was being resurfaced today so we were in a tough spot because no water could get on the court. I almost told Titus that we would have to cancel the canopy cleaning to protect the court, but he told me he could be careful and not get any water on the court. I was very nervous about the court getting ruined because the standard of care with most contractors is very low. I was SO IMPRESSED with the level of care your team put into this job today.

They laid a drop cloth the entire length of the section being cleaned, AND had two people holding it at a 45 degree angle to catch any spray and direct it into the drain. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate this as it is so incredibly rare that I have not seen a vendor exercise this much care in my 10+ years of facility management. Please share this with whoever else might care to know. Thank you!"

-Jason P.
Citi Open Tennis Tournament

"Dear Holly,

As you know, we had our first canopy installed by your company in the spring of 2013. The experience was outstanding. The entire process - from the initial planning and design phase, through the demolition of our old existing wooden structure, to the installation of the new canopy was flawless. The pre-installation communication between your administrative staff and me was professional and thorough. The diagrams created by your office left me confident that the final product would be exactly as I had intended.

When I arrived on the pool deck that morning and met your crew chief, I was instantly put at ease. His crew was pleasant, professional and very experienced. When the final product was finished, I was overjoyed.

As the volunteer president of our club, this canopy will be, in some ways, my legacy. You can see why its successful installation really mattered to me. On opening day, the praise I received was all I could have asked for.

This brings us to this year. Given the results that Capital Canopies was able to produce in 2013, we again called you to do it again: this time in a much larger canopy. It would be redundant to write everything about 2013 again! The results again were perfect and my members again were thrilled with the newest addition to our pool deck.

On behalf of myself and all of the members of the Westleigh Recreation Club, please accept my sincere thanks for all of the great work that you have done for us over the last two years."

-David S.
Westleigh Recreation Club

"Thank you Capital Canopies and Holly Warner for a beautiful awning for my home. Everything was so painless! From picking out what i wanted to the installation, everything was done so quickly - I'm not used to that from contractors or tradesmen.

I also like the variety of colors and styles of canopies I saw. You all had great ideas for me as well. And thank you so much for suggesting the canopy cleanser - which you brought our personally after the install! That was very kind of you. I definitely would recommend you to anyone. Great Job!"

-John M.
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