FREE Digital Imaging for Your Property

At Capital Canopies, Inc., our digital imaging system lets you see your new installation on your building at no charge! Our skilled design team utilizes state-of-the-art digital imaging techniques to show you exactly what your installation will look like before you make your final decision on design.

Customized Canopy and Awning Design

We first take digital photographs of your facility. Then, using custom software specifically designed for canopy and awning illustration, we add the proposed style and fabric, and also manipulate colors and patterns. You are then provided with a high-quality color print of your new custom canopy or awning installations on your building!

Let our talented design and sales team help you make the most of your facility’s layout, grounds, and other existing features or structures of the proposed property or site. Call us now to request your FREE digital canopy preview.

Call Us for Your FREE Estimate!
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